Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Melbourne

Mascara is no longer a necessity

Find the right fit for your lashes with Classic, Hybrid or Volume lashes at Beauty & Bronze Camberwell with one of our lash & brow specialists. Our semi permanent eyelash extensions are super soft yet extremely durable synthetic silk lashes that can last up to 6 weeks. Individual lashes are applied to your individual lashes to create a natural or a full set of eyelashes.

We recommend booking your refill every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full and fluffy lash line as each eye loses on average two natural lashes a day. For more tips on how to take care or your lashes and maintain lash health read more here.


Our Classic Eyelash Extensions are the perfect fit for clients wanting to try out lashes for the first time whether it's for a special occasion, holiday or just to give your eyes that extra oomph. The average client has around 100 natural lashes on each eye and each lash has roughly a ninety day growth cycle which mean lashes fall out naturally after this time.

When deciding on which set to choose (Petite 30 lashes, Natural 60 lashes or Full 90 lashes per eye) take in to account that each eye generally loses 2 natural lashes a day. We recommend starting with a Natural or Full Set to get the most longevity from your set. The size and weight of each false lash is adjusted to suit your natural lash. If you're wanting 'thick and dramatic' then these lashes might not cut it for you- instead see Hybrid or Volume Lashes.

Classic Full Set of eyelash extensions at beauty & bronze lash specialists


Our Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are the next step up in lashes and perfect for clients wanting to add a bit more fullness to their lashes.

Hybrid Lashes are an even mix of Classic 1:1 lashes and Volume Multi:1 lashes. Volume lashes are individually made 'fans' of lashes made during your appointment to suit each natural lash. These little fans are comprised of anywhere between 3-10 super fine black synthetic silk lashes.

Hybrid is our most popular lash treatment as it is suitable for all clients, especially clients with naturally fine lashes.

Full set of hybrid lashes at beauty & bonze lash specialists Melbourne


Volume Lash Extensions are our thickest and fullest option in lash treatments.

Each eye will be filled with 60 or 90 'fans' to create a soft yet full and fluffy look. Each fan can be made up of anywhere between 3-10 lashes depending on each natural lash's health. At Beauty & Bronze our number one priority is to maintain our client's lash health. Each natural lash can only withstand so much weight so we highly recommend visiting one of our lash specialists to determine whether volume lashes are suitable for you before booking in.

Russian volume lashes beauty & bronze camberwell
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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash extensions in Melbourne are individual, long-lasting lashes. Silk eyelashes are applied directly onto your natural lashes using a low fume glue which bonds in 3 seconds. This gives natural lashes the appearance of being thicker and longer. Every eye is different and can have anywhere from 80-120 natural lashes on it.

You will be pampered and relaxed for 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the desired lash look. Touch-ups take less time; approximately 30-60 minutes. Your natural lashes will need to be completely free of all make-up and oil based products. Your eyes will be closed and protected throughout the procedure. Most clients fall asleep as we play gentle calming music to help you unwind in a private lash suite.

When applied properly and with proper care, your eyelash extensions will adhere for the entire cycle of hair growth, approximately 3-6 weeks depending on the individual. Natural eyelashes are shed on a regular basis. This may result in multiple extension loss on any given day (roughly 2 lashes per eye per day). When the natural lash is shed the synthetic lash will fall with it alternatively the glue can breakdown and the silk lash will fall off. Touch-up applications will be necessary every 2-4 weeks to maintain a full lash line.

Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lashes (1:1 lash) and volume lashes (3-10 lashes in a fan: 1 natural lash). Each volume fan is handmade by your lash artist during your appointment and placed on a single natural lash. Each fan varies in density according to each of your natural lashes.

Volume lashes are fans made up of anywhere between 3-10 lashes which sit on one natural lash. These are individually made throughout your appointment and the amount per fan is determined by the density of the client’s natural lash.

We definitely DON’T recommend this as the ingredients in mascara can help breakdown the glue which will mean your lashes will fall off quicker than usual. Wearing mascara on hybrid and volume lashes will bunch your fans together creating a ‘spider leg’ look defeating the purpose of having volume lashes.

Of course. However please be mindful that each salon and lash artist have different techniques and varying levels of experience. Keep an open mind that you may not get the desired look after just one visit, this is an art form, not a perfect science. On your first visit with us we usually require more time to match the sizes previously applied and to also remove any rogue lashes. If your exisiting lashes haven't been applied correctly we may even suggest a removal.

Certainly. However the change will take a few appointments for the full look to take affect. Please note that if you are moving from a natural set to a full set you will need a longer appointment also.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

  • Do not cleanse eyes, shower, swim, use a steam or dry sauna for at least 12 hours after procedure. Preferably 24 hours is advised for proper bonding.
  • Always be gentle with lashes.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler.
  • Avoid all oil-based eye-makeup remover and make-up products.
  • When showering, avoid letting the water plummet onto your lashes.