Dermalogica Face Fit at Beauty & Bronze

Finding the right skincare.

Ever walked into your local cosmetics store and taken one look at the gazillion skincare products sitting pretty on every shelf and decided, ‘Too hard basket?’

Yup, it’s overwhelming.

More often than not you’ll get talked into buying a $300 moisturiser that promises the texture of a seal pup when in fact you just needed a cleanser at a fraction of the price- and that’s all without the salesperson taking one look at your skin!

So what’s the answer? Here’s a few tips to finding the RIGHT beauty products.

  1. Most leading skincare brands have a simple little questionnaire that’ll determine the top products that suit your skin. Dermalogica has a great Face Mapping questionnaire which asks you a few questions about your skin concerns, your age, etc. that narrows down your selection or use their new AI powered skin analysis app!
    Curtis Collection also has a great colour match app which is super easy too!
  2. If you have a really specific skin concern (mine’s pigmentation- damn you Australian sun!) then a Face Fit let’s you play with or have your skincare specialist apply 4 or 5 products that can pinpoint your exact concern. It takes around 10 minutes and you don’t even need to get undressed, it’s all in a chair at a dedicated Beauty Station.
    The most important part is that it’s FULLY redeemable on product and it’s like getting a mini facial.
  3. Or if you like being a little more pampered, you can book in a quick Pro Skin 30  and treat your specific concern with professional grade ingredients (ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol are higher grade when used by professionals) and your skin specialist can recommend the best products personalised to suit your individual skin’s needs.

Visit one of our Skin Specialists and Dermalogica Experts today or shop here 24/7!

Dermalogica Face Fit at Beauty & Bronze

Dermalogica FACE FIT

Find the the right products tailored to your skin concerns.