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Going Natural | Back to Brow Basics.

It seems every decade there is a new brow trend. In the early 2000’s we all simultaneously picked up the tweezers and plucked every hair bar one thin line to emulate the Xtina Dirty Brow. Fast forward a decade later and we all hastily tried to salvage what little hairs we had left and drew on thick and bushy caterpillars to be just like Cara Delevingne with her over grown, youthfully full brows.

Now in the last decade we’ve seen a lot more trends come and go, particularly the InstaBrow. The perfectly quaffed, plucked and lined brow that every #influencer sported now feels icky and way too selfie ready just like a #sponsored post.

Now with the dawn of the 20’s rising, a new trend is emerging… and it’s one we can all agree is a much better fit for all of us.

The Natural Brow.

They say that eyebrows frame your face and what better way to do that that with natural looking, no fuss brows?! As Arch Specialists this has been our favourite request by far because it means our clients leave the chair looking like themselves and they’re even happier knowing their brows are easily cared for at home with almost zero maintenance.

TRENDING | Long lasting colour and wear.

Henna Brows is now one of our most requested beauty treatments because of the low maintenance and long lasting effects swell as being vegan friendly. Blonde, fair or sparse brows are most suited to this service since it brings long lasting colour to washed out brows with colour lasting up to 6 weeks on the hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin as opposed to regular tinting which only lasts around 3-4 weeks on most hair types and around 3 days on the skin.

If Natural or Henna Brows is the trend for you, give us a call and speak with one of our Arch Specialists, visit our Instagram where you can browse our brows (sorry, it had to be done) or book online via our nifty link 24/7.

With love,

Char, Chelsea and the Beauty & Bronze Gang xx