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Coco Bronze Spray Tan

Spray Tan Melbourne

Natural Looking & Flawless – Melbourne’s best Spray Tanning Salon

Beauty & Bronze is renowned for natural looking and flawless spray tans in Melbourne. Come into our Camberwell salon and see why we are Melbourne’s number one choice for your spray tan.

At Beauty & Bronze, we use a range of spray tanning blends which can be selected specifically to suit your skin type and complexion.

Speak to one of our trained Spray Tan therapists about which colour is best for your skin type and receive a FREE test patch.

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  • Spray Tan Beauty & Bronze 1 hr
  • Spray Tan Beauty & Bronze 1 hr
  • Spray Tan Beauty & Bronze 1 hr

Choose from one of our Spray Tan Formulations

Formulated by Beauty & Bronze, exclusively for Beauty & Bronze.

At Beauty & Bronze we have formulated our own range of Spray Tan formulas exclusively for our beauty salon.

With over 11 year’s professional Spray Tanning experience, you will not find our exclusive formulas anywhere else.

Coco Bronze 8hr Tan

For ALL skin types. Our classic 8hr formula that fully develops in 8hrs. You can even leave it on overnight!

All Skin Types

A green based formula with a touch of pink and violet to suit all skin types and tones. This spray tan formula has no orange pigments and has been Tried, Tested, and Loved by our clients for over 10 years.

Coco Bronze 1 & 2hr Formula

An express tanning formula that can be washed off in 1-3 hrs and develops over 8 hours. Suits ALL Skin Types.

Express Formula

An express Spray Tan formula that can be washed off in 1-3hrs and develops over 8 hours.
Light Tan – 1hr
Medium Tan – 2hr
Dark Tan – 3hr

Coco Bronze Violet

Our Violet Tan formula has be developed for darker skin types and experienced Spray Tanners.

For Darker Skin Types

Our violet tan formula is great for skin tone that is naturally darker or has yellow or olive tones. The violet base colour in this formula complements these skin tones and results in a luxurious deep bronze colour.

Spray Tan Preparation

  • Waxing (if required) must be done at least 24 hrs prior to spray tanning.

  • Shaving can be done on the day, before your spray tan appointment. Please ensure you thoroughly cleanse the area after to ensure there are no ‘shaver lines’ left.

  • Shower & exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells to ensure skin is smooth and well prepared for your spray tan application. The better the exfoliation, the better the spray tan will be and the longer it will last.

  • After your shower do not apply any moisturiser, deodorant, perfume etc to the skin for 12 hours. This can act as a barrier and may affect your tan.

  • Bring some loose dark clothing and a pair of thongs to put on after your spray tan treatment.

What to Expect

Our spray tan application in Melbourne generally takes 10-15 minutes. You will achieve a natural looking tan straight away due to the cosmetic bronzers that will continue to develop over the next 6-8 hours. Our Express Formula must be washed off within 1-3 hours. After your initial rinse you will not see any colour, however this will develop over 8 hours. We highly recommend booking your tan 24-48 hours before your special occasion.

All our spray tans are performed by our highly trained therapists and include;

  • A brief colour consultation with your spray tan therapist.
  • Disposable g-strings, hair nets and ‘sticky feet’ for the comfort of your tanning session.
  • Aftercare advice and take home tips card to ensure you get the best result from your spray tan.

All our Spray Tan rooms are fitted with climate controlled heating and cooling, spray tan extraction fans and clothing storage hutches to ensure your clothes and valuables are clean and neatly stored away from spray tan.

Spray Tan After Care

  • After every shower apply a body moisturiser or tan extender to keep your skin and spray tan hydrated. The more you moisturise, the longer your tan will last and the better it will look.

  • To extend the life of your spray tan, use a Tan Extender that has a gradual tan to slowly build up your colour, whilst your spray tan fades.

  • Do not use any moisturisers that contain fruit acids (like Nivea), they are great for your skin but not when you have a spray tan as they will gradually eat away at your tan.

Spray Tan Pricing
Full Body Spray Tan
This full body spray tan will give you a glorious all over, natural looking tan using our regular 8 hour formula. We'll assess your skin colour and spray you as light or dark as you like, we don't charge by the layer!
1 + 2 Hour Tan - Full Body
Our 1 + 2 hour spray tan formulas are for those on the go. You'll get a gorgeous all over body tan but you can wash off after as little as 1 hour (colour develops over 8 hours).
A natural looking face and neck spray tan to give you that golden, sun kissed look. (Add 1 or 2hr Tan for $5
No need to spend hours in the sun we'll have your legs looking nice and tanned in a flash! (Add 1 or 2hr Tan for $5)
1/2 Body Spray Tan
This 1/2 body spray tan is great for those who just want their outer limbs tanned ie. faces, legs and arms. A great treatment for winter! (Add 1 or 2hr tan for $5)
3 x 8Hr Treatment Card
Pre purchase 3 Spray Tans using our 8hr formula
3 x 1 or 2Hr Treatment Card
Pre purchase 3 Spray Tans using our 1 or 2hr formula
5 x 8Hr Treatment Card
Pre purchase 5 Spray Tans using our 8hr formula
5 x 1 or 2Hr Treatment Card
Pre purchase 5 Spray Tans using our 1 or 2hr formula
10 x 8Hr Treatment Card
Pre purchase 10 Spray Tans using our 8hr formula
10 x 1 or 2Hr Treatment Card
Pre purchase 10 Spray Tans using our 1 or 2hr formula